Prof Jelena Zikic | photo | 2017-05-06

York professor promotes the benefits of formal mentoring


Jelena Zikic

Jelena Zikic

Professor Jelena Zikic from the School of Human Resource Management lays out the keys to a successful formal mentorship program in the Globe and Mail.

Zikic writes:

"Formal mentoring programs – organization-assisted matching between a mentor and a protégé, usually short term – are a way of helping newcomers learn the ropes and/or assisting more junior employees to advance in their careers. What is perhaps less common is for these formal mentoring relationships to advance and become strong long-term work connections, as may be the case with informal mentoring – when we naturally gravitate to mentor someone. However, a recent study found that even formal mentoring can lead to high-quality relationships that last."

You can read the full article published in the Globe and Mail on May 16, 2017 here: The keys to successful formal mentoring