Accounting Student Alamgir Khandwala wins Murray Ross Prize 2017-06-22 | photo

Accounting student wins prestigious 2017 Murray G. Ross Award


Administrative Studies student Alamgir Khandwala is the recipient of the Murray G. Ross Award, one of York University’s greatest honours for a graduating student. Khandwala, who received the award at spring convocation, has graduated from the program’s accounting stream. He is being honoured for academic excellence and his significant contributions to life on campus.

Administrative Studies student Alamgir Khandwala is the recipient of the Murray G. Ross Award

Administrative Studies student Alamgir Khandwala is the recipient of the Murray G. Ross Award

“Alam’s active involvement and achievements in all aspects of university life make him an exemplary role model for students and an impressive ambassador for York University at home and abroad,” said  York University President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri.

“Alam exemplifies the best of York,” said Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) Dean Ananya Mukherjee-Reed. “He brings together academic strengths, professional accomplishments, and unconditional generosity when it comes to serving fellow students and the University. I look forward to seeing him flourish in his future life.”

In LA&PS, Khandwala’s professors and peers know him to be always prepared and engaged, a critical thinker and a student who challenges ideas and offers new perspectives. Respected by his peers, he often mentors fellow students.

“I can’t put the feeling of winning the Murray G. Ross Award into words,” said Khandwala. “I personally know the last three recipients of the award, and it is an honour to join their ranks.”

The leadership, defined by passion, integrity, and commitment, which Khandwala has demonstrated at York through his co-curricular activities have improved student life. He has served the student body and this institution as a University Senator and a long-serving member of the Senate Appeals Committee and the Sub-Committee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonials. He has also served as a member of Student Council of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (SCOLAPS) in many roles, including vice-chair, and has served as treasurer of the Public Policy and Administration Students’ Association.

“These responsibilities taught me how to be disciplined, manage my time and manage my personal, academic, professional and volunteering obligations to be able to reach my goals,” said Khandwala.

“The vast range of opportunities at York, especially the international opportunities, was extremely valuable as it gave me exposure and an avenue to develop myself academically, professionally and personally,” he said. “I now have a better understanding and appreciation of the diverse range of cultures and have become proactive as a global citizen. Being involved was my recipe for success.”

After graduation, Khandwala will be completing York’s Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting. He’s landed a job at Deloitte, one of the "Big 4"  accounting firms, and plans to work while pursuing his Chartered Professional Accountants designation.

“Throughout my professional journey,” he said, “I aim to use the various opportunities that I encounter to give back to the community.”

York’s 1962 student council established the Murray G. Ross Award in honour of the university’s first president. Khandwala received a medal at his convocation ceremony and a notation on his transcript.

Khandwala is also the recipient of five additional York University-based awards: the Robert J. Tiffin Award for Student Leadership; the Alumni Golden GRADitude Award, expressing York’s gratitude to a student who has made the university a better place; the Award for Outstanding Global Engagement, for engaging in an impressive range of international activities; the LA&PS Outstanding Leadership Award, given to an honours student for enhancing the Faculty’s undergraduate student experience; and the Marilyn Lambert-Drache Award for Initiative in Governance, given to a student council member who strengthens the interests of SCOLAPS.

Story appeared in Y-File.