Jamil Jivani photo by Wim Van Cappellen | 2017-08-06

Grad Jamil Jivani discusses link between young men who join gangs and those who join terror cells


Jamil Jivani (BA '10), lawyer, professor and community organizer was interviewed on CBC Radio's Sunday Edition program on August 6, 2017. Interviewer Michael Enright, himself a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from YorkU, delved into Mr. Jivani's research into the profiles and similarities of young men who join gangs, and the link to those who join terror cells.

In the 35 minute segment, Jivani says "[Changes in employment and educational prospects for men] make for a certain intense experience that groups like ISIS, for instance, or street gangs are experts in dealing with. They have a unique ability and skill in being able to see young men struggling with this new world that they're growing up in and recruit them. And yet our public schools, our police, our politicians, our media, are almost giving up this fight. We're retreating from that battleground. We're saying, we don't talk about men...We are leaving a space here that is being filled by destruction."

For the full story, visit the Sunday Edition site on CBC.