Kim Jong Un looks at missile launch in undated photo from National Post | 2017-10-14

How prepared is Canada for a nuclear attack? Disaster & Emergency Management Prof Asgary explains


The increased tensions in North Korea and the US and the heated rhetoric around the potential threats of a nuclear strike by either side continues to bring Disaster and Emergency Management Professor Ali Asgary a great deal of public exposure.

Recently, the National Post published a story on the potential impacts of a nuclear warhead reaching Canada or the US. In the article Asgary said, “Just imagining this kind of incident is already impacting the general public (by causing anxiety).”

Professor Asgary added that “you should not expect government emergency responders to reach you, even before two weeks,” he said. “They would be exposed to radiation that might affect them. It is better even for emergency responders to wait for a few days sometimes so that radiation level goes down and they can go to help.”

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