Gallery of research thumbnails photo-illustration | 2018-01-31

2017: Looking back at an inspirational year in Research


2017 was an inspiring year! The breadth and depth of research in which our faculty was engaged was truly remarkable.

It’s easy to miss many elements produced within a Faculty as large as Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS). The new year provides an invitation to look back at some of research from 2017 that had such impact and that spanned and connected so very many disciplines.

To get a glimpse of our collective research excellence, visit the new 2017 Research Year in Review gallery. This collection of research highlights will become an annual feature to celebrate the breadth and depth of scholarship in LA&PS.

We are keen to profile as many upcoming and new projects and announcements as possible. We have a form for the submission of news and stories, as well as an event calendar submission form that can help boost the visibility of your events.

The 100+ research articles in our 2017 Research Year in Review convey a sampling of the extent, quality and impact of the exciting and important research being conducted by the LA&PS community.