Professor Tokunbo Ojo holding Larissa Crawford's daughter Zyra | CBC | 2018-03-02

It takes a village to raise a child — and prof Tokunbo Ojo proves it


Student Larissa Crawford posted a photo on Facebook of Communication Studies Professor Tokunbo Ojo holding her baby in class, which drew attention far and wide, including interest from the CBC.

"All of my professors have been absolutely phenomenal with me bringing my daughter into class," Crawford told CBC Toronto.

The helpfulness of Ojo is typical of many positive interactions that has allowed Crawford to be able to study and work full-time, while simultaneously attending to the needs of her growing daughter, Zyra.

"He just picked her up," and lectured with her on his hip, said Crawford to the CBC. "I was able to write all my notes. I was able to get everything I needed out of the class, and it was fantastic."

Ojo emailed the CBC in response to their inquiries about the incident, saying "it's always my pleasure to support my students and ensure that they get the best out of my classes. It is my belief that everyone should have access to education." 

He says that having a child in a lecture has never caused a disruption to his class, but rather made for more "positive interactions" and a better learning experience.

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