Image of woman with obscured eyes holding young child, from Maclean's Magazine article | 2018-02-08

O’Reilly challenges stereotypes, reframes motherhood in Maclean’s


Recent trends towards parenting methods that encourage boundless ties between a mother and her children are “like a cult,” says Professor Andrea O’Reilly, in the new issue of Macleans.

Author of 18 books on motherhood, O’Reilly encourages honesty in discussions of motherhood and to remove the taboo on feelings of regret. 

The article suggests that “parents now raise children in a far more difficult, competitive world and are pressured to do more with far less,” and O’Reilly concludes that, “expectations have been ramped up to such a point that standards are impossible to achieve.”

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Professor Andrea O’Reilly is a professor in the School of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies.