Message from the Interim Dean



Happy new year and welcome to LA&PS! Our extraordinary array of programs cover the liberal arts and professional studies and provide students with the breadth and depth of knowledge they need to succeed in a fast paced and changing world. We encourage you to explore all we have to offer and to find your academic niche with us!

Many of our undergraduates shape their academic paths and prepare for their future careers by combining multiple areas of study within a single degree. You have more than 90 undergraduate and certificate programs to choose from, several of which have been recognized as the very best in Canada.

Our graduate students too have access to leading scholars and programs and can hone their skills as scholars in one of 23 master’s and doctoral programs. Under the guidance of world-renowned professors, students take their education to the next level and produce research that can influence significant social, political and economic change in a global world.

When it is time for our students to join the ranks of our remarkable alumni, we want them to be global citizens who are ready to excel in the world, whichever way they choose to make their mark.  While they are with us, students have access to opportunities to internationalize their education — whether studying at home or abroad, and to partner with employers and community organizations to integrate experiential education into their learning.

University is the time to discover your passion, exceed expectations and form meaningful and invaluable connections with peers and professors. Knowledge exists in and outside the classroom, and we encourage students to engage fully with campus life, including social and volunteer activities.  The university experience is as exciting and fulfilling as you choose to make it. I look forward to hearing about your journey and your successes!



Professor J.J. McMurtry

Interim Dean

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies