June 2017 Convocation Address

Address to Convocation in spring 2017, by Professor Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.

"Mr. Chancellor, Mr. President, Honoured Guests, Graduates and Parents, Ladies and Gentlemen.

As Dean of York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, I welcome you to this Spring 2017 Convocation ceremony.

Let me congratulate you, your parents, your family, friends, grandparents and any one else who is here for you to witness this special moment in your journey. Let us take another moment for another round of applause. Let us make it louder this time.

Graduates of 2017:

You are graduating today from this Faculty’s professional programs in Business, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Disaster and Emergency Management. Our school of Admin Studies constitutes one of the largest undergraduate business programs in Canada with 16,000 alumni. Navdeep Bains, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development is an alumnus of this School. Our Schools of Administrative Studies and School of Information Technology host, along with IBM Canada the first academic-industry partnership in Canada to address disaster and emergency management an public safety. The SHRM has the largest community of scholars focusing on the issue of work and well-being.

As graduates of these programs, you have learnt to defy the dichotomy between the right and left-brain. You have learnt to meld the practitioner’s excellence with ethical fortitude. You are thinkers and doers, innovators and executors at the same time. You have fulfilled the demands of your rigorous academic programs while working, supporting your siblings, taking care of a grandparent, volunteering for a cause, travelling, and making friends. You are resilient, passionate and bold.

Graduates: Now more than ever, we need leaders like you to create institutions and communities that unleash the power of the cooperative, democratic, inclusive dimension of the human spirit.

You are this university’s proud contribution to that Canada which struggles to face its history but boldly aspires to move forward.

My hope is that as our youngest alumni – joining the 120,000 who came before you -  you will also make us a part of your future. You have overcome many barriers to get where you are today. Please come back to share your stories of success and resilience, inspire our students and inspire us all. 

Thank you."