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  • Explore the social/cultural anthropology of contemporary societies; flexibility is emphasized.

  • Concentrate on the theory and practice of communication and culture.

  • Get a full range of conceptual and methodological tools needed for developing a deeper understanding of the current issues and challenges of sustainable human development.

  • Explore, within the context of hazard and vulnerability, the interactions between people and their natural, technological and social environment that result in disasters and emergencies.

  • Focus on applied economic theory.

  • Study the traditional periods and areas of English literary studies and a range of critical/theoretical approaches to texts.

  • Delve into French literatures and the evolution of ideas and literary fields; provides research training in French linguistics.

  • Play a critical role in enhancing the quality of corporate governance and setting a higher standard of financial transparency.

  • Focus on women and gender as they intersect with sexualities, race, ethnicity, class, ability and age.

  • Benefit from our recognized strengths in biophysical processes and in critical human geography.

  • An intensive examination of particular topics from a variety of points of view including intellectual, economic, political and social.

  • Designed for HRM specialists, this executive-style program will equip you with the skills and credentials to assume senior-level appointments.

  • Explore different ways in which human cultures and their multiple forms of expression have developed and continue to develop.

  • The Master of Arts in Information Systems & Technology (MAIST) program was created to address advanced topics in IT through a dual focus approach. This approach aims to combine the application of research-based knowledge with the real world challen ...

  • Pursue independent, innovative research that bridges disciplinary categories.

  • Study language and society, language variation and change; second-language pedagogy and other areas related to second-language teaching and learning.

  • Compare contemporary and historical perspectives on philosophy’s main problems and draw inspiration from diverse philosophical approaches.

  • Take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of politics and engage in critical thinking and political change.

  • Concentrate on the themes of constitutional and administrative law, public sector ethics, social justice and public sector management and finance in this executive-style program.

  • Take a truly interdisciplinary approach that will integrate intellectual interests common to the humanities and social sciences.