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Prof. Pat Armstrong and Suzanne Day and book cover

New book brings fresh perspectives on clothing and laundry

  Clothes are inextricably tied to dignity and personal identity.  They take on a particular significance in places such as long-term residential care, where they are among the only personal indicators of identity residents may retain. In Wash, Wear and Care: Clothing and Laundry in Long-Term Residential Care, Sociology Professor Pat Armstrong and Suzanne Day, […]

McLaughlin talk including Anduhyaun Shelter graphic

McLaughlin Lunch Talk looks at Indigenous injustices

  As part of its Lunch Talk Series, McLaughlin College presents “Violence Against Indigenous Women: The Past, Present, and Future” on March 22 from noon to 1:30pm. This talk will focus on the history of how colonialism and governments have affected Indigenous peoples, the current situations they face, how these problems have turned into violence […]