Disaster & Emergency Management

Kim Jong Un looks at missile launch in undated photo from National Post | 2017-10-14

How prepared is Canada for a nuclear attack? Disaster & Emergency Management Prof Asgary explains

  The increased tensions in North Korea and the US and the heated rhetoric around the potential threats of a nuclear strike by either side continues to bring Disaster and Emergency Management Professor Ali Asgary a great deal of public exposure. Recently, the National Post published a story on the potential impacts of a nuclear warhead reaching Canada […]

Globe and Mail photo of ostrich with head in the sand, used in Prof Asgard-Quoted article | 2017-09-18

Preparing for the worst: Globe and Mail consults disaster management expert Asgary

  Disaster and Emergency Management Professor Ali Asgary was consulted by the Globe and Mail for an article on disaster preparation to avoid worst-case scenarios. Asgary said that the problem is there are multiple factors that influence how each individual perceives risk, and how one reacts. These can include one's physical proximity to a hurricane or […]

Innovation York uses ADERSIM project as case study: photo of attendees

Successful event focused on industry-academic collaborations uses ADERSIM project as model

  The benefits of industry-academic collaborations took centre stage April 11 during the “Teamwork Makes the Research Dream work” event hosted by Innovation York. More than 165 participants took part in the event including York University researchers, industry partners from the Greater Toronto Area, and representatives from government funding agencies. The goal of the industry-academic […]

MDEM Students receive awards 2017-03-16

Emergency management grad students win at annual CHRNet symposium

  Two graduate students enrolled in the Master of Disaster & Emergency Management (MDEM) degree program won awards at the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network annual symposium. Catherine Kenny and Zalma Sahar were honoured in Montreal in late 2016. They both won the CHRNet Larry Pearce Education Award, placing second and third, respectively. "We are […]

ADERSIM Montreal Event

York U organizes storm simulation event to explore youth roles in disaster risk management

  When the town of “Resilientville” floods on Wednesday afternoon, young people from across Toronto will be on hand to help. By role playing in simulations of severe flooding events, they will explore how Canadians can better prepare for major storms as Canada’s climate warms. They will also demonstrate how young people could be employed […]

IBM LA&PS ADERSIM Partnership Event 2017-02-22

York U, IBM Canada partner to enhance emergency management degree programs

Students enrolled in York's emergency management programs will have access to world-leading technology and tools, thanks to a new partnership between York University and IBM Canada. IBM Canada is awarding a $1.8-million in-kind gift to accelerate the Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Response Simulation (ADERSIM), a cloud-enabled platform housed at York University that enhances disaster […]