We're here to help promote the exceptional, impactful work of our community. I hope you are proud of the differences you make and the work you do -- and let's work together to make it more visible.

We're always looking for stories that tell the narrative of our community. And we're looking for ways to help get those stories broader visibility: that might include video interviews, posters for events, event management, e-blasts to specific audiences, student and alumni profiles, research stories, and more.

Communications Project Form

Have a project to do? Start with our creative brief form. Its questions will help clarify what will serve you best, and will help us collectively achieve your goals. Sometimes, what you think you need is not the ideal solution and we might provide you with something that achieves more than you anticipated.

Submit Your Stories
There's two options: 
> Provide us a complete story, you write yourself which we would then edit for publication, or
Provide us with some key information and we write the story

Graphic Design Request Form
Let us help you visually communicate through design. Submit your graphic or promotional idea. Please contact Nicole Glassman by email at or call ext. 33662 with any questions.

Event Calendar Listing Form
If you're interested in having your event featured on the Faculty's website, or an area within one of our schools or colleges, please complete this easy calendar listing form. Not all events can be listed, but it's possible it might be of more interest to a wider audience than you expect. You'll never know 'til you let us know.

Alumni Profile Form
We're excited to hear about our alumni, and actively seek brief tales of their exploits and interests, and will connect the profiles and photos with the programs they graduated from.  You can use this form to provide the alumni info.

Student Profile Form
We have such incredible students, and are always looking to shine a light on them. Use our  short student profile form to provide us with all that's needed.

Photo/Video Consent Form
Unless you provide us with the photo yourself, we need to get your signature on a simple approval form at the time we're doing the shoot. On rare occasions, we can't get these forms signed onsite. Please provide your e-signature using this consent form if we've requested a new signature to ensure you have OK'd York to use the photo, video or recording in which you participated.