Antifa and alt-right: movement/counter-movement dynamics in the post-Trump era

Supervisor's Name Lesley Wood
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Sociology
Project Title Antifa and alt-right: movement/counter-movement dynamics in the post-Trump era
Description of Research Project
In 2016, the main mobilizations in the US and Canada were organized around racial, ethnic and status categories. They included Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock mobilizations for indigenous sovereignty, and immigrant rights movements; and movements against immigrants, for men’s rights, and counter-movements to the left, including Blue Lives Matter. Many of these mobilizations congealed around the US presidential election. One of the most poorly understood elements of the recent mobilizations is where and how these movements and counter-movements confronted each other. Examining movement/ counter-movement dynamics in the six Canadian and US cities where confrontations have been most visible, this project will track protest activity in the six cities, map local political relations and various features of online and offline organizing.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
1. The student research assistant will assist the faculty member in tracking protest and movement activity in six Canadian and US cities in 2016 and 2017. They will use Lexis-Nexis which is a newspaper archive to create an event catalogue (excel spreadsheet) of protest activity.
2. The student will also produce profiles of the six cities, and the relevant online and offline organizing.
3. The student will create a literature review on movement-counter-movement dynamics.
Qualifications Required
1. Interest in political struggle and social movements
2. Attention to detail and patience, both essential qualifications for creating accurate event catalogues
3. Good organization and communication skills.