Archival Text Transcription

Supervisor's Name Naomi Adelson
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Anthropology
Project Title Archival Text Transcription
Description of Research Project
The primary objective of my current research project is to critically examine the historical and archival record of the time when British nurse-midwife, Jo Lutley, was working in the Indigenous community known, in the 1960s, as Great Whale River (now referred to as Kuujjuarapik in Inuktitut or Whapmagoostui in Cree). Through Lutley’s diary, archival records, and interviews with community members, I am more fully rendering the complexities inherent in the materialization of the colonial encounter through this critical period of 20thC history. The significance of this project lies in its potential to contribute to the anthropological study of representation through an exploration of the everyday practices of colonial encounters – and challenges to these encounters – as they appear in archival records such as Lutley’s diary, medical, military, and government records. As this is a particularly resonant historical period nationally and internationally (Cold War era, Québec’s Quiet Revolution), with direct impacts on the lives of this remote Indigenous community on the cusp of its own significant period of transformation, this project will also contribute to a re-reading of the anthropological writings of Indigenous/settler relations contextualized within the density of the mid-20th century political history of Canada and Quebec. Further, as few have delved into the archives for this period of Whapmagoostui’s past, I am working directly with this First Nation to provide in meaningful formats all primary and secondary materials of interest to the community. In my archival research to date, I have acquired a series of documents that are both historically relevant and of potential importance to this project and/or to the community. One series of archival documents is hand-written and requires close and detailed attention in order to properly transcribe. The transcription of these documents would comprise the student researcher’s principal research activity.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
-Close reading of archival documents
-Transcription of text to Word document
-Some library research may be required but secondary to text transcription
Qualifications Required
- Skills in basic to intermediate Word
- Ability to read cursive English text
- Ability or capacity to learn text transcription, which will require close and detailed attention to the text
- Preferred: enthusiasm for history and/or historical documents