Conjugal Slavery in War research Partnership

Supervisor's Name Annie Bunting
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Social Science/ Tubman Institute
Project Title Conjugal Slavery in War research Partnership
Description of Research Project
The undergraduate research assistant would work closely with Prof. Bunting and the team of graduate students in the Conjugal Slavery in War Partnership (CSiW), to support its research activities. The CSiW project seeks to document cases of so-called forced marriage in conflict situations, to place this data in historical context, and to effect the international prosecution of crimes against humanity as well as local reparations programs for survivors of violence. With the central participation of community based organizations in Africa, the project aims to strengthen individual and organizational capacity to prevent and address violence and its consequences, and to advance understanding of the use of conjugal slavery as a tool of war through evidence-based research. the Partners aim to fill these gaps in knowledge and contribute to four themes: 1) Research on men’s experiences of ‘forced marriage’ (being ordered to be violent) and masculinity in these conflicts;
2) The need for deeper qualitative research on the relationship between wartime violence and existing/ historical gender norms; 3) The post-conflict impact of stigma on children born of war; 4) And finally, the ongoing debates about the effectiveness of the tribunals and commissions, including government and international reparations programs.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
Working closely with the CSiW team at the Tubman Institute, the student would be responsible for:
working with original archival documents to create PdFs from scanned Jpeg documents;
organizing and storing the documents in a Mendeley database;
creating meta data for the documents;
assisting with the social media presence of the project; and
some secondary desk research on the four themes of the project.

The CSiW research team meets weekly and the researcher would be responsible for attending the meetings and reporting on their progress.

Qualifications Required
Enrollment in a Faculty of LAPS program (Law & Society, History, Development Studies, Gender. Feminist, Women's Studies is an asset);
Interest in African studies, international human rights and global legal issues;
Good written and oral communication skills;
Excellent time management skills;
Fluency in French is an asset.