Global Employment Standards Database

Supervisor's Name Professor Leah Vosko
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Political Science
Project Title Global Employment Standards Database
Description of Research Project
The Global Employment Standards Database (GESD), directed by Professor Leah Vosko, is a unique research tool in the field of work and labour, aimed to improve how researchers, students and policy makers understand employment standards, their enforcement and their impact on labour market insecurity. The GESD brings together a library of relevant sources, unique user-friendly statistical tables, and a thesaurus of concepts, designed to facilitate research on labour market insecurity in a comparative industrialized context.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
The GESD project requires an undergraduate student to be responsible for, working with a team of academics, updating and maintaining the GESD. This student will help to edit and format technical documents, enter bibliographic information into our online database, assist to build statistical tables, and help support the overall progress of the GESD project.
Qualifications Required
•Political science, sociology, or social sciences related disciplines
•Research focus on gender and work, work and society, or labour studies
•Familiar with Microsoft office
•Knowledge of SPSS, Refworks, WordPress and/or Beyond 20/20
•Attention to detail
•Ability to work independently