Purge, Purify, Clarify: Digital Humanities Database

Supervisor's Name R. Darren Gobert
Supervisor Email Address* gobert@yorku.ca
Supervisor's Department English
Project Title Purge, Purify, Clarify: Digital Humanities Database
Description of Research Project
As part of my SSHRC Insight Grant-funded project on the histories of catharsis, I am building an open access, multilingual, digital humanities database whose data will be searchable and reusable by other scholars and students. The database will contain hundreds of different translations (I have a working bibliography of translations published since 1498) of the "catharsis" clause from Aristotle's POETICS.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
The student will photograph and transcribe entries for the database: each of them a different translation of Aristotle's "catharsis" clause published since 1498. Having been trained by me, he or she will use the citation manager Zotero to log and prepare each entry with all of the necessary metadata. Then, he or she will prepare the entries for analysis and visualization using Heurist. The student may be finding some entries himself or herself using pre-existing digital repositories such as Gallica, run by the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
Qualifications Required
All training will be provided, but the student should have excellent computer literacy. The most important qualifications are excellent communication skills and a solid background in dramatic literature. I am interested in hiring a student from classsics, theatre, or English who can quickly come up to the speed on the larger intellectual foundation of the project.