Rail Safety Game

Supervisor's Name Ali Asgary
Supervisor Email Address* asgary@yorku.ca
Supervisor's Department Disaster & Emergency Management, School of Administrative Studies
Project Title Rail Safety Game
Description of Research Project
In collaboration with the Safe Real Communities (a community based organization in Toronto-http://www.saferail.ca/ ), this project aims to develop a computer game for children to learn about rail safety in Canada. Rail Safety has been an issue in the past but since rails have been used for transportation of crude oil in recent years and a number of train derailment accidents, particularly the Lac Megantic train disaster, public concern about rail safety has increased. Community-based organizations have been formed to communicate these concerns to policy makers. At the same time, public education about rail safety has become an important element of outreach activities. Computer games are an important educational tools that can be used to enhance children's knowledge of rail safety.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
The main responsibilities of the student are:
1. Design of the game based on the feedback provided by a focus group meeting.
2. Development of the game using a game development plat form (unity)
Qualifications Required
1. Knowledge of educational games
2. Ability to use and build games with Unity game engine