Refugee Vetting Process

Supervisor's Name Ozgun Topak
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Social Science
Project Title Refugee Vetting Process
Description of Research Project
This project will explore the Canadian refugee vetting procedures. Syrian refugees that arrived in Canada went through a multi-layered vetting process, which included security and health screening. The refugee vetting process is a contentious public issue in Canada as is the case in other Western countries. Recent public debates have centered around the effectiveness of the vetting process in identifying terrorists or potential terrorists who might be disguising themselves as refugees. Despite the importance of these debates for public security, they provide a limited view of the vetting process and overlook its many other significant dimensions and implications.This project aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the vetting process through empirical research. The research will include discourse analysis and interviews with Syrian refugees who have resettled in Canada.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
• Assistance in conducting fieldwork (interviews) with Syrian refugees
• Transcribing interviews
• Assistance in collecting reports about the vetting procedures
• Assistance in conducting discourse analysis of the media representation of the vetting process and Syrian refugees.
Qualifications Required
• Fluency in Arabic
• Some background in social science research methods and refugee studies would be an asset