Remembering Radio

Supervisor's Name Anne MacLennan
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Communication Studies
Project Title Remembering Radio
Description of Research Project
The objective of the remembering radio project is to record and save early memories of radio in the lives of everyday Canadians. The hope is to discover more about the role of radio in the homes and lives of ordinary Canadians from its inception. This phase of the project is centred on listeners’ memories from the 1930s. Studies of the audience, its members’ opinions, likes and dislikes, program preferences, and the role of Canadian radio are rare.

The information that the listeners from that time period have to share is very valuable to this project. Individuals who have time to spend with an interviewer can help to shed some light on this long neglected area of broadcasting history.

The Remembering Radio project is a look at the audience. American radio networks surveyed their audiences as early as the 1920s and the British made use of radio diaries among other tools. In Canada, the early radio audience has not been well documented so this is our chance to recover some of the memories of early radio.

Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
The position entails working towards assembling bibliographic searches and literature reviews pertaining to both primary and secondary sources, understanding statistical and archival data collection through spreadsheets, utilizing techniques related to library research, interviewing and supporting work on an international journal and an ongoing international edited book collection, as well as any other tasks that pertain to the projects. This position in particular will be involved with a project about the role of community radio in Canadian communities, in a modern context.

The research assistant will support ongoing research and time sensitive work, prioritized by deadlines and the amount of work available in each area.

Candidates will have the opportunity to work in and learn about communication work by performing various research tasks including, assembling materials for conference presentations and publications, working with spreadsheets, microfilm, library research, online research, and bibliography compiling.

This research assistant will acquire a high level of proficiency with qualitative and quantitative research as Professor MacLennan, the principal investigator, teaches methods at the undergraduate, MA and PhD levels. This position is part of a larger research team, working with and supervised by the principal investigator, project manager, and other senior research assistants, who will assist in providing the necessary training and support required for the research assistant to successfully perform the activities associated with the research project. The checks and balances of working on a team will keep the research assistant on track.

The work is an immersive research experience, engaging the student on a deep and transformative level of learning. The research will be conducted on a high-level including the undergraduate student at the same level as graduate students as their ability permits. The student’s contribution will be a core element of the work, because it depends on empirical data drawn from archival collection, data in spreadsheets, developing spreadsheets, data analysis on a variety of levels, microfilm, CRTC materials, possibly interviews, and other related components of the work.

Qualifications Required
It is preferred if the student has high academic achievement, has familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. While these skills are preferred, all students will be trained if necessary.