Sustainability through Ecosystem Health: On-line Information Portal

Supervisor's Name Peter Khaiter
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department School of Information Technology
Project Title Sustainability through Ecosystem Health: On-line Information Portal
Description of Research Project
This project is aimed at the investigation of holistic approaches to the notion of “sustainability”, specifically on the basis of “ecosystem health”. It will examine integrated characteristics of ecosystem status and their applicability to the task of sustainable development, and produce a set of the most appropriate indicators.

This knowledge will then be transformed into an interactive web-based information portal to be used by researchers and practitioners to solve a wide spectrum of practical and theoretical problems.

A student involved in the project will design and prototype the open source information portal. The results of the project will be presented at a top scientific conference in the field (e.g., International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs), International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS), and the like), where an opportunity also exists to be considered for a Student Prize for Best Paper and Presentation.

Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
An undergraduate students on this project will be responsible for:
- Reviewing bibliographical sources recommended by the supervisor;
- Determining a set of the most suitable indicators through close co-operation with the supervisor;
- Designing and prototyping an interactive web-based information portal in consultation with the supervisor;
- Presenting the results of the project at an International conference with the guidelines from the supervisor.
Qualifications Required
In addition to satisfying eligibility requirements, students need to demonstrate the following qualifications:

Required background: analytical skills and knowledge of web technologies as indicated by at least B+ grade in ITEC3020

Desirable background: ITEC3030, ITEC3220 and ITEC3230