The making of "Greektown". Mapping Greek presence in Toronto, 1950s - 1970s

Supervisor's Name Athanasios (Sakis) Gekas
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Project Title The making of "Greektown". Mapping Greek presence in Toronto, 1950s - 1970s
Description of Research Project
This project will involve digitizing newspaper articles and photographs that will enrich the collection of the Greek Canadian History Project and our knowledge of Greek history in Toronto, with material related to the Greek presence in the city from archival holdings. A digital map of Danforth will show the addresses of Greek residents and businesses between 1950s and 1975 that will visualize the Greek presence in the district over time. The archival sources available are located at York (campus) either at the Clara Thomas Archives or at the Ontario Archives. The project will seek to address issues such as the description of the neighbourhood of the Danforth, its changes over the period including its social geography, ethnic make-up, economic activity, and its relation to the rest of the city. The project continues from the LAPS Small Grants funding that made possible the analysis of the 1921 Census mapping for the first time the presence of Greeks in Canada in the early 20th century. The proposed project will train a student in the recent history of immigration, urban history and history of Greek immigration to Toronto, in comparison with histories of Greeks and other communities in Canada during the same period.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
The student will use Excel to process the information necessary that will lead to the digital map of Greek presence in the city. The student responsible will have to visit the archives and will be also completing an Excel spreadsheet with all the information collected with the addresses of residents and businesses. The student will also be reading newspapers and extracting information on addresses, which may not require Greek language skills, since advertising was mainly in English.
Qualifications Required
Reading of Greek is desirable but not essential. Some training in History , evident in having taken History courses is also desirable but not essential. Knowledge of Excel software is essential.