The Morphology & Formation of Mima Mounds

Supervisor's Name Peter Long
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department Geography
Project Title The Morphology & Formation of Mima Mounds
Description of Research Project
The Project will include measurement of Mima Mounds in a number of Southwester Sates where Mima Mounds are found to see whether they share the same size, shape, spacing, texture, gas and chemical constituents etc. and to see they were all formed by the same processes.Mima Mounds have been known since ~1850 and many hypotheses have been advanced about their formation. The prevailing three hypotheses are that they were formed by pocket gophers, by ground ice and seismic activity but no one has actually studied the mounds in a scientific way to find out how they were actually formed.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
The student will look at the literature on Mima Mounds.
The student will also sample mounds in a number of SW US states to find out the texture and mineral and chemical make-up of the soils. This data will be analyzed in the Geography Department labs.
The student will also write a paper at the end of their study giving the results and conclusions drawn from them.
Qualifications Required
The student should have some familiarity with the research topic and have a general familiarity with the literature on Mima Mounds.The student should also have completed a number of field-oriented classes and know how to sample sites and analyze material.