The Prime Ministers and the Jews

Supervisor's Name David Koffman
Supervisor Email Address*
Supervisor's Department History
Project Title The Prime Ministers and the Jews
Description of Research Project
This research blends political biography and social history by foregrounding the "conversation" between Canada's highest leaders, as individuals, and Canadian Jews, a diverse community. The study will include research on all 29 Prime Ministers, from 1867 to the present, though some will deserve more attention than others. It asks questions about how the psychology and cultural influence on individuals' judgements intersect with communal needs and social organization. The research is ultimately concerned with political outcomes, and should culminate in a scholarly book that re-tells the history of Canadian Jewish life in a unique way, with unique insights about changes over time: both in/of Canada, and among one of its most notable ethnic AND religious minority groups.
Undergraduate Student Responsibilities
-culling historical newspapers for articles about specific Prime Ministers
-researching various Jewish political organizations' engagements on federal policy and lobbying
-some simple data management
-writing short research summaries
Qualifications Required
-careful organization skills
-thoroughness in primary source newspaper research gathering
-clear and objective writing
-professionalism at work