2015 Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching

David Doorey – Tenured Faculty

Dr. David Doorey’s students meet the high standards that he sets thanks to his engaging, interdisciplinary and innovative teaching style. In his own words, “I am fortunate because despite years of academic and professional experience in the field, I continue to find the material endlessly fascinating. I work hard to convey this enthusiasm and energy to students in the classroom.”

In the School of Human Resource Management, Professor Doorey successfully teaches law and industrial relations to non-law students through a variety of techniques. His lessons draw from contemporary events in order to make the content relevant to students. And he engages students, for example, by creating a comic series to discuss legal issues with students.

Professor Doorey is a national leader on the use of technology in the classroom. He launched the publicly available teaching tool and award-winning blog The Law of Work, which has also been cited in Supreme Court of Canada arguments, in Parliamentary debates and in the media. The blog feeds into a free smartphone App, making course materials accessible to students on the go. One of his most popular class assignments requires students to create their own “Wiki” pages on a course topic. Another innovation is the use of the Second Life animation software to simulate law issues in the workplace.

In his distance education courses, Professor Doorey provides students with as close to an in-class experience as possible by including video lectures recorded during live classes.

In the words of Professor Doorey’s students, “His lectures are crystal clear,” and “I was excited to go to class because he was such a joy to have as a professor.”