LA&PS Writing Prize

The LA&PS Writing Prizes are open to all kinds of writing from students enrolled in LA&PS courses, including case studies, administrative/executive reports, reviews of all kinds, non-fiction prose and formal essays (creative writing excepted). There are five categories: first through fourth year and also Major Research Project (MRP)/Undergraduate Thesis.

Any Course Director in LA&PS may nominate a paper (one per course) in the appropriate category. Submissions should be in Word or PDF format, and include both a clean copy of the paper and a copy of the submission's associated assignment sheet.

Please nominate your student’s paper using the year level of your course (not of your student). For example, a 4th year student writing in WRIT 2004 would be nominated in the 2nd year category. Eligible papers will come from courses offered between May 2016 and April 2017.

The 2017 deadline for submissions is Friday Jun 16, 2017. One winner and two runner-ups will be chosen in each category. Winners will be contacted by the Faculty, and recognized publicly in Fall 2017.

This contest is adjudicated by full-time faculty in the Writing Department. If you have any questions about this form or about the process for adjudicating these awards, please contact Jon Sufrin at or x77473.

You may save your nomination and continue at a later time if required.

LA&PS 2016 Writing Prize