Global and Community Engagement (GCE)

Narda_JMI_event_2016-06_presentation_1150x357Community engagement is at the heart of the Faculty

Through Global and Community Engagement the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LA&PS) is committed to building strong and inclusive communities at the local, national and international level, allowing us to arrive at deeper understandings of complex global issues that face our society.

We will strengthen and establish local and global collaborative networks and make our spaces accessible to promote critical dialogue and signature engagement strategies. In partnership with the community we will define a broad spectrum of community initiatives and practices that represent our commitment to diverse forms of knowledge production. This will be accomplished through dialogue, critical think tanks, seminars and other forms of knowledge exchange in an array of programs. The strength of our diversity will be manifested in our recognition of power imbalances that exist within and among us, enabling us to work together from a position of mutuality and reciprocity.

We will be vibrant and progressive in our collaborations by upholding our responsibility to build an inclusive democratic society as active and engaged citizens.

Two new initiatives include our Community Conversations and our new LA&PS Internships program.