2018-04 Program and Service Delivery Intern (Indigenous)

Internship Role Profile

OrganizationName: Ministry of Economic Development and Growth/Ministry of Research, Ministry and Science, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Infrastructure
Location of Internship: Toronto, ON (TBA)
Position Title: Program and Service Delivery Intern
Job Code: 3A008 – ProgramPlanEval03
Work Term: Summer - Fall 2018
Start Date: July 2018
End Date: December 2018
Duration: 6 months
Salary: $54,665 - $75,652 per year
Hours: 36.25 hours per week
 Brief Description of Organization
The OPS is dedicated to recruiting and advancing top talent while building a diverse public service that is reflective of Ontario's population and communities. This exciting opportunity offers recent Indigenous post-secondary graduates the opportunity to develop their careers and gain valuable work experience with one of Canada's Top 100 Employers.

Bring your knowledge, experience and perspectives to the Ministry Indigenous Internship Pilot Program (MIIPP).  Working with a team of engaged professionals and dedicated leaders, you'll take the next step in your career in a dynamic environment that provides opportunities for personal growth, competitive salary, mentorship, learning and development opportunities, and work-life balance.

What to Expect in this role
As a program and service delivery intern, you will have the opportunity to be part of a team focused on delivering better programs and quality services. Your work may include reviewing programs, researching service delivery models, analyzing current service delivery processes and recommending improvements, assisting in consulting program stakeholders on program improvements and supporting plans to ensure quality services and customer satisfaction. 

Your work could include:

§  Participating in development of standards, processes, methods, benchmark techniques and performance measures to ensure the efficient delivery of programs and services to stakeholders

§  Assisting in processes, risk assessments and program evaluation to develop options for program improvements

§  Reviewing the quality and accessibility of publicly-available program information and recommending improvements

§  Working in a team-based environment on project-planning and implementation activities related to research, needs assessments and service delivery

§  Conducting research and analysis, developing recommendations, preparing papers/reports to improve programs and their efficiency

§  Consulting stakeholders, such as program managers, ministry staff and/or other jurisdictions, to discuss how program and service functions, business practices and related processes can be improved while maintaining ongoing business relationships

§  Assessing the impact of new or revised operational policies, systems, and procedures on program and service delivery using customer satisfaction surveys and process reviews.

 What will MIPP prepare me for?

The knowledge and experience you gain as a program and service delivery intern will lay the foundation of a future career as a specialist in your field. 

An internship in this area can prepare you for a career as a/an:

§  Program/Project Advisor

§  Program/Project Analyst

§  Program/Project Consultant

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


§  Program analysis and development, program service delivery principles, and government decision-making/approvals processes to conduct preliminary program analysis, compose initial summaries and information analyses, and to draft reports to support program and service delivery initiatives.

§  Ministry issues, relevant legislation, regulations, and policies to summarize observations and findings.

§  Research and analytical practices to assess assignment requirements; source and analyze information and data, identify trends, and support the team.

§  Business planning skills to conduct impact assessments to support the business objectives of the organization.

§  Oral and written communication skills to present information using traditional and/or digital media through written and oral communication; to liaise with staff, program areas and stakeholders; to respond to information requests; and to draft reports and background materials to support program submissions.

§  Stakeholder relations skills to collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners, colleagues and/or the public.

§  Planning and organizational skills to recognize priorities and meet deadlines.

§  Word, PowerPoint, spreadsheet applications to analyze and present information.

 Skills and Abilities:

§  Interpersonal skills to collaborate with others as a team member to achieve results, to seek and exchange information, and to discuss observations and research findings with branch/ministry staff.

§  Presentation skills to develop preliminary presentation materials for review by senior staff on program and service development projects.

§  Analytical and problem-solving skills to research and analyze program/service information and data and identify trends to support the development of evidence-based findings and recommendations; and analyze current service delivery processes and effectiveness, and evaluate the strengths, gaps and shortfalls of programs.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Mandatory:Must identify as an Indigenous person (i.e. First Nations, Métis, Inuit).
  • Restricted to Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University Students (Graduation date between 2013-2018)
  • Open to 4th year LA&PS students
  • 0 Grade Point Average, B or better

Application Note

In your Cover Letter, please include the following:

  • The reason why you are interested in the MIIPP.
  • The education and work experience, as well as your knowledge and skills that make you. the best candidate for the internship program.
  • The type of work that you are interested in working on.
  • The type of learning and work experience that you are looking to obtain.

APPLICATION PACKAGE: Your application package must contain the following required documents:

  • LA&PS Internship Application Form –Complete the Application Form in its entirety; please ensure that all of your contact information is accurate and up to date before submitting your application.
  • Resume– Do not forget to proofread!
  • Cover Letter – Do not forget to proofread!