Photo-montage of Book Cover image with author Prof Tom Klassen | 2018-09-12

York professors’ book on helping students succeed translated into French

  Thomas Klassen How to Succeed at University (and Get a Great Job!): Mastering the Critical Skills You Need for School, Work, and Life has been translated into French. Authored by York University public policy and administration Professor Thomas Klassen and humanities Professor Emeritus John Dwyer, the book demonstrates that the best preparation for success […]

Photo of Prof Ted Goossen with Japanese Order of the Rising Sun medal graphic | 2018-09-11

Japan honours York professor with the Order of the Rising Sun

  Ted Goossen Japanese-to-English translator and humanities Professor Ted Goossen is the recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, an honour celebrating his achievements in promoting Japanese culture on a global scale. Upon the behest of Japanese Emperor Akihito, the Consul-General of Japan in Toronto Takako Ito conferred the honour […]

Illustration of gender inequality using male and female symbols | 2018-09-07

HR School's research on gender pay gap could guide policy-makers’ equity goals

  The gender pay gap is a complex global issue that has attracted attention in the academic world for decades. In 2018, it made headlines in Hollywood, thereby entering public consciousness in a new and profound way. In Ontario, three decades after pay equity legislation was introduced, the gender pay gap is still wider for […]

Photo of Professor Nirupama Agrawal beside Mount Asa Volcano | 2018-09-04

New textbook examines natural disaster and risk management in Canada

  Disaster and emergency management Professor Nirupama Agrawal’s new book, Natural Disasters and Risk Management in Canada (2018), offers wide-ranging information on a variety of hazards, including both the scientific and social aspects. Professor Nirupama Agrawal at the caldera of the largest active volcano in Japan, Mount Aso. The volcano last erupted in October 2016 launching […]

Photo of Mosaic Institute Award Presentation with Tracey Cobblah and Reeta Roy (right) | 2018-08-30

Business and Society student honoured with Mosaic Institute Award

  The Mosaic Institute’s Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary was awarded to Faculty of Liberal Arts and  Professional Studies student Michelle Tracey N.O. Cobblah, who is majoring in Business and Society. The bursary provides $5,000 per year for four years of undergraduate studies, with a double disbursement of $10,000 in 2018. Michelle Tracey N.O. Cobblah (left) receives the […]

Photo of Professor Carlo Fanelli | 2018-08-02

York Prof Fanelli discusses the living wage in op-ed on HuffPost Canada

  Minimum wage, gender wage parity, the fight for $15 and fairness, and other movements are part of a continuing effort to enable millions of workers to earn better, fairer wages, benefits, safety, and job security. However, as Professor Carlo Fanelli writes in his Labour Day op-ed on Huffington Post Canada, the fight for a living […]