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Fall Winter 2018-19, Summer 2019 Academic Sessions

June 1, 2017 Complete proposal package for all proposal types
October 15, 2017 Complete proposal package for New Course Proposals and Changes to Existing Courses

New Course proposals and Changes to Existing Course proposals received between June 2 and October 15  will be reviewed by the Committee on Curriculum, Curricular Policy and Standards (CCPS) only if they are complete. Packages must contain all relevant documentation; UUDLES, consultation, library statement etc.

Proposals submitted after June 1, and/or incomplete proposals, may not be processed in time for the requested Fall/Winter or Summer academic sessions.


Submissions will now be submitted online.  The purpose of the online submission form is to afford the Office of the Faculty Council better tracking of proposals, simplify the vetting process for staff and improve the response time to the community.

The online submission form is scheduled to close at 12:01 on October 16, 2017.   CCPS MachForm Instructions

Minor Modifications: New Courses, Changes to Existing Courses, and Minor Changes to Existing Programs/Certificates

General Education Courses

The Dean's Office, with the agreement of CCPS, has placed a hold on accepting NEW General Education course proposals. This hold will be in place while the LA&PS community discusses the future of General Education courses. Queries may be directed to the Associate Dean of Programs at

University Undergraduate Degree-Level Expectations

OCAV Guidelines: Degree-Level Expectations (UUDLEs)

Teaching Commons offers support in curriculum development, course design and writing UUDLES.

Sample Proposals

New Academic Initiatives and Major Modifications to Existing Programs, Program Closures and Cyclical Reviews

York University Quality Assurance


Program Learning Outcomes


Minor Modifications

Thyrza Naraine, Coordinator, Curriculum & Academic Standards
Telephone: 416-736-2100 extension 22279

Major Modifications


Kathryn Doyle, Faculty Curriculum Manager
Telephone: 416-736-2100 extension 20118

J.J. McMurtry, Associate Dean, Programs