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Canadian Studies

Department of Humanities

262 Vanier College
Tel.: 416-736-5158
Program Description:

Canada has shaped the world in important ways and globalization continues to change and influence the nation. This vital interdisciplinary major and minor degree program is one of the oldest and strongest in the country. The program has three areas of focus. Canada: Time and Place explores interdisciplinary and international issues such as Canadian Aboriginal history and the immigrant experience. Canada: Society examines various aspects of Canadian society through courses in history, Indigenous thought, political science, sociology and social science. Canada: Culture concentrates on the areas of English, Indigeneity, creative arts, cultural expression and the humanities. Combining history, politics, art, literature, religion, geography, Indigenous studies and more, the program provides a space for students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how Canada has been shaped and how it is being re-shaped in our ever-changing, multicultural, multinational world.
Prerequisite: a 1000-level course in humanities and a 1000-level course in social science (Canadian perspectives are recommended). The second general education course may be taken concurrently with Introduction to Canadian Studies AP/CDNS 2200 6.00.

Degrees Offered

Canadian Studies (BA) Degree Requirements
  • Specialized Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours Double Major BA
  • Honours Major/Minor BA
  • Honours Minor BA
  • BA: 90 Credits

Course Listing

Course Listings Timetables Fall/Winter 2017-2018