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Program Description:

Human Resource Management (HRM) is an inter-disciplinary and professional program that focuses on all aspects related to the management of people in organizations. The program’s inter-disciplinary approach is reflected in its connections with a number of other academic disciplines including business, management, economics, sociology, psychology, and legal studies, among others. HRM is a diverse and eclectic field dealing with a wide variety of functional areas. The courses offered by the School of Human Resource Management address the many domains of the field of HRM, such as: employment law, recruitment, selection, & performance appraisal, occupational health & safety, compensation, and training & development, among others. In a growing, competitive economy, organizations are increasingly pressed to manage their human resources in ways that enhance their viability, therefore the human resources management curriculum also includes courses of wider managerial interest including research methods, human resource planning, industrial relations, leadership and management skills, negotiations for human resource management, employment equity and diversity, organizational development, international and cross-cultural human resource management, and strategic human resource management, among others. Thus, the program assists in the development of managerial knowledge and skills that are essential to successful employment in the private and public sector. The BHRM is a three-year (90 credits) degree and the BHRM Honours is a four-year (120 credits) degree program. All BHRM majors are required to complete a set of core courses that introduce students to the fundamentals of human resource management. Upper-year curricula allow students to choose from a variety of courses that match their specific career and professional interests.

Certificates Offered

Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management - Certificate Requirements
Graduating with a certificate: except where otherwise stated, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.00 is required to satisfy certificate requirements. Students must also submit application to graduate from a certificate program. Applications should be obtained from and filed with the unit administering the certificate program. Transcript notation that the requirements for a certificate have been completed will be made once the Registrar’s Office has received notice from the unit administering the program. Certificates will not be conferred until candidates have successfully completed an undergraduate degree program if they are simultaneously enrolled in a degree and a certificate program. The Faculty does not award certificates retroactively. Refer to the Academic Standards section for details of the undergraduate certificate minimum standards.

Degrees Offered

Human Resource Management (BHRM) Degree Requirements
  • Honours BHRM: 120 Credits
  • BHRM: 90 Credits

Course Listing

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