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Program Description:

The Law and Society program is an undergraduate, interdisciplinary Honours program that examines law in its broader social and cultural context. It is one of the oldest and largest such legal studies programs in North America with an over 30-year history and approximately 1,000 majors. Our faculty brings a range of interdisciplinary expertise and training to the classroom and draw from fields as diverse as anthropology, history, philosophy, law, sociology, criminology and political science.
The goals of the Law and Society program are to promote the intellectual importance of the study of law and society, and law in society; to provide a framework within which students may explore different approaches to law using interdisciplinary resources as well as international and comparative perspectives; to equip students with critical skills for socio-legal study and research; and to sharpen a view of law as implicated in the everyday life of students. The program must be seen within the context of a liberal arts undergraduate education. It is designed for interested undergraduate students, whatever their future career orientation.
While some of our students will plan to go on to law school, we in Law and Society distinguish sharply between law as a vocation or profession, and law as an object of interdisciplinary study. In turn, many of our students will also choose to follow up our program with a graduate degree in a related field of the social sciences, humanities or public policy and administration studies. Some will also choose to go on to acquire additional qualifications in Legal Assistant, Conflict Mediation or Court and Tribunal Administration programs offered at various community colleges. Others still will pursue careers focused on social justice, education or journalism.

Certificates Offered

General Certificate in Law and Society - Certificate Requirements

Students who take a general education course must choose whether to count it towards their general education requirement or their certificate requirement. It cannot be counted towards both. For purposes of meeting certificate requirements, all nine-credit general education (foundation) courses will count as six credits; the remaining 3 credits count as degree credits.
York University students may earn a General Certificate in Law and Society concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. This certificate is not, however, open to students who are pursuing or who already hold a degree in law and society.

Graduating with a certificate: except where otherwise stated, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.00 is required to satisfy certificate requirements. Students must also submit application to graduate from a certificate program. Applications should be obtained from and filed with the unit administering the certificate program. Transcript notation that the requirements for a certificate have been completed will be made once the Registrar’s Office has received notice from the unit administering the program. Certificates will not be conferred until candidates have successfully completed an undergraduate degree program if they are simultaneously enrolled in a degree and a certificate program. The Faculty does not award certificates retroactively. Refer to the Academic Standards section for details of the undergraduate certificate minimum standards.
To qualify for the General Certificate in Law and Society, students must complete 24 credits from a list of approved law and society courses and the cumulative grade point average in these 24 credits must be 5.00 (C+) or higher.

Course requirements for the general certificate are as follows:

  • AP/SOSC 2350 6.00 (pre-requisite AP/SOSC 1375 3.00 as of September 2009). Please note that the course AP/SOSC 1375 3.00 will not be counted as part of your 24 credits.
  • 18 additional credits from either the core or extended list of approved Law & Society courses, including a minimum of six credits at the 4000 level.
A maximum of 12 credits may be offered by the Department of Political Science. Courses taken may not be used to fulfill both the public policy and administration degree and the General Certificate in Law and Society. For a current list of approved courses, refer to the law and society section. Further information about the General Certificate in Law and Society is available from the coordinator of the Law and Society program.

Degrees Offered

Law and Society (BA) Degree Requirements
  • Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours Double Major BA
  • Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary (Linked) BA
  • Honours Major/Minor BA

Course Listing

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