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Sexuality Studies

School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

206 Founders College
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Program Description:

Sexuality Studies is a field that examines sexual desires and pleasures, acts and behaviours, identities and subjectivities, communities and cultures, movements and organizing. The field explores artistic, cultural, economic, geographic, historical, literary, political and psychological dimensions of sexuality, while also investigating sexual dimensions of arts, economies, geographies, histories, literatures, politics and psychologies. A central mission of sexuality studies is to examine "intersectionality"— an intersectional approach focuses on existent and emergent intersections of sexuality with ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, health, nationality, race, religion and sexual identity.
The field is concerned in part with the dynamics of sexual hierarchy, resistance and diversity in a variety of Canadian contexts (past and present). It simultaneously works to understand the operations of sexual dynamics in African, Asian and Pacific, Caribbean, North and South American, European and Oceanic contexts (past and present) as well as sexual migrations and diasporas in transcontinental contexts. Committed to examining lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, intersexed, heterosexual and heteronormative identities and cultures, the field also studies alternative ways of organizing sexualities and, indeed, alternatives to sexuality, in the past, present and future.
Students may pursue a BA major; Honours Major BA, Honours Major/Minor BA, Honours Double Major BA, Specialized Honours BA, Honours Minor BA, a number of International BA majors or minors, or a Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Sexuality Studies in the Faculties of Glendon College and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. For specific program and certificate requirements, as well as the list of program courses, please consult the relevant Programs of Study section.

Certificates Offered

Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Sexuality Studies - Certificate Requirements
School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
For purposes of meeting certificate requirements, all nine-credit general education (foundation) courses will count as six credits.
Graduating with a certificate: except where otherwise stated, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.00 is required to satisfy certificate requirements. Students must also submit application to graduate from a certificate program. Applications should be obtained from and filed with the unit administering the certificate program. Transcript notation that the requirements for a certificate have been completed will be made once the Registrar’s Office has received notice from the unit administering the program. Certificates will not be conferred until candidates have successfully completed an undergraduate degree program if they are simultaneously enrolled in a degree and a certificate program. The Faculty does not award certificates retroactively. Refer to the Academic Standards section for details of the undergraduate certificate minimum standards.
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies students may earn a Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Sexuality Studies concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. This certificate is not, however, open to students who are pursuing or who already hold a degree in sexuality studies.
To qualify for the Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Sexuality Studies, students must complete 24 credits and the cumulative grade point average in these 24 credits must be 4.00 (C) or higher. Course requirements for the certificate are as follows:
  • AP/GL/SXST 2600 6.00 (cross-listed to: AP/GL/GWST 2600 6.00);
  • AP/GL/SXST 4600 6.00 (cross-listed to: AP/GL/GWST 4600 6.00);
  • a minimum of 12 credits in SXST primary or secondary courses.
Of the 12 credits earned in primary/secondary courses, a minimum of six must be earned in primary courses and a minimum of six (primary or secondary) must be earned at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Degrees Offered

Sexuality Studies (BA) Degree Requirements
  • Specialized Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours Double Major BA
  • Honours Major/Minor BA
  • Honours Minor BA
  • BA: 90 Credits
Sexuality Studies (iBA) Degree Requirements
  • Honours iBA: 120 Credits
  • Honours Major/Minor iBA

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