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Public Administration and Law

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Program Description:

Given the diverse disciplinary background of public sector employees, the certificate is designed to complement an undergraduate degree in any discipline with knowledge of public administration and its hierarchy. You will develop an understanding of the role of law and politics within government, become familiar with the administrative workings of government and hone your writing and legal research skills.

Certificates Offered

Professional Certificate in Public Administration and Law - Certificate Requirements
The certificate is not open to students in the Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) - Honours, specialized Honours, and Honours minor.
Students seeking to pursue the certificate as a stand-alone program must apply to the Office of Admissions, York University using the on-line application form for future students. Admission to the stand-alone certificate program requires students to have normally completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline with minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00.
In the stand-alone certificate program students may be granted up to 6 credits of advanced standing based on their previous studies completed no later than seven years prior to entry into the certificate program. Advanced standing credits will be awarded at the discretion of the undergraduate program director at the School of Public Policy and Administration based on his or her assessment of the student’s academic record.
Students already enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at York University need to apply for entry into this certificate through the School of Public Policy and Administration Office. Students should have completed at least 24 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00.
Graduation requirements: minimum cumulative grade point average of 5.00 in the certificate courses. Students must also submit an Application to Graduate with a Certificate form. Applications should be obtained from and filed with the School of Public Policy and Administration. Certificates will not be conferred until candidates have successfully completed an undergraduate degree program if they are simultaneously enrolled in a degree and a certificate program. At least 12 credits of the disciplinary courses that satisfy certificate requirements must be in addition for those used to satisfy requirements of an undergraduate major being completed concurrently.

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