LA&PS Awards for Distinction in Research

Research Award WinnersThe LA&PS Awards for Distinction in Research, Creativity or Scholarship were launched in 2014 to recognize the exemplary work of our faculty members, the impact of their work on academic and social communities, and their commitment to engaging students. In 2015, the inaugural LA&PS Award in Social Justice Research recognized outstanding achievement in promoting the principles of social justice through a distinguished body of research.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 LA&PS Awards for Distinction in Research:

Sean Kheraj, Department of History (Emerging Researcher category)
Dr. Sean Kheraj is being recognized in the Emerging Researcher category for his inspiring scholarship and his academic and public reach. Since defending his dissertation in 2008, he has been exceptionally productive, innovative and dynamic as a Canadian environmental historian. Read More

Jimmy Huang, School of Information Technology (Established Researcher category)
Dr. Jimmy Huang, Director of the School of Information Technology, is known for his expertise and creativity in the quickly changing fields of information retrieval and big data analytics with complex structures. Since 2003 Professor Huang has had a remarkable publication record of over 170 papers in the most respected journals and top-tier conferences in information technology. Read More

Lesley Jacobs, Department of Political Science, Department of Social Science (Established Researcher category)
Dr. Lesley Jacobs is recognized nationally and internationally for his interdisciplinary research in the fields of law, socio-legal studies, social science and political science. His areas of expertise include international trade, human rights, race relations, and law and political theory. Read More

Eric Mykhalovskiy, Department of Sociology (Distinction in Social Justice Research)
This is the first year that we are presenting the Award for Social Justice Research in LA&PS. This new award acknowledges an academic career that exceeds expectations, while making substantial contributions that advance social justice in any form. Dr. Eric Mykhalovskiy is the winner of the inaugural Social Justice Research Award for his research in the sociology of health and healthcare. Read More

2014 Award Winners

Our first winner in the Established Researcher category is Linda Peake, professor in the department of social science and director of York University’s City Institute.  Sociology Professor Lesley Wood won in the Emerging Research category.

Professor Linda Peake

Peake describes herself as a critical human geographer, exploring the feminist geographies of gender, race and sexuality, particularly as they relate to the global south.  Over the past 30 years she and
her graduate students have worked extensively with grassroots organizations in Guyana, conducting research aimed at improving the lives of local women.

Professor Lesley Wood

Wood’s research marries theory with social activism, examining the complex dynamics of social movements through a variety of lenses.  Wood’s research has included surveying G20 protesters in the thick of a demonstration, interviewing activists about their organizational and strategic choices, studying the impact of policing on protest and examining the characteristics of the U.S. anti-war movement.

Read more about Linda Peake and Lesley Wood on pages 12-13 of our LA&PS 2013/14 Year in Review.