2015 LA&PS Awards for Distinction in Research, Creativity or Scholarship

Jimmy Huang – Established Researcher Category

Dr. Jimmy Huang, Director of the School of Information Technology, is known for his expertise and creativity in the quickly changing fields of information search and big data analytics with complex structures. Since 2003 Professor Huang has had a remarkable publication record of over 170 papers in the most respected journals and top-tier conferences in information technology.
His enthusiasm for his work resonates through the large number of PhD and master’s students and post-doctoral fellows with whom he works.

An award-winning researcher, Professor Huang has led the design and development of the Okapi system, a benchmark to which other information retrieval models are compared and which is a significant resource for researchers in related fields.

His research has practical applications in a variety of fields, including Genomics and Biomedical Retrieval, Machine Learning and Health Risk Assessment. In terms of outreach and impact, he regularly participates in collaborative, inter-disciplinary projects and has acted as the General Chair of two of the most respected conferences in his field: the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management and an International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology. Professor Huang is an internationally renowned researcher whose work is shaping the field of data mining, and his most recent NSERC award will fund a new generation of information retrieval and data mining research.