2015 LA&PS Awards for Distinction in Research, Creativity or Scholarship

Eric Mykhalovskiy – Distinction in Social Justice Research

This is the first year that we are presenting the Award for Social Justice Research in LA&PS. This new award acknowledges an academic career that exceeds expectations, while making substantial contributions that advance social justice in any form. Dr. Eric Mykhalovskiy is the winner of the inaugural Social Justice Research Award for his research in the sociology of health and healthcare which has had, and continues to have, direct impact in the lives most impacted by inequities in the law.

Professor Mykhalovskiy is a scholar-activist of excellence whose research is rigorous and sophisticated. His award-winning and internationally recognized work has informed the way policy-makers, activists and healthcare professionals understand social justice issues.

Professor Mykhalovskiy’s research supports “community-led, science-based critique and reform.” In his work, he challenges evidence-based medicine; including the effects of the SARS epidemic and surveillance technologies on health and risk. His most powerful work highlights the profound and harmful consequences of criminalizing HIV non-disclosure. This has directly impacted the lives of people living with HIV and their advocates.

Professor Mykhalovskiy brings the results of his research to a wide community of scholars, students, activists and professionals. His social justice research work and policy option writings directly challenge the status quo.