Guidelines for securing faculty commitments on institutional & large-scale grant applications

Purpose: To help LA&PS faculty members put together compelling packages of institutional support on institutional and large-scale grant applications.

Context: External granting agencies increasingly feature funding programs that require applicants to secure additional cash and in-kind resources from their institutions and participating project partners.

Some of these programs include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following programs that are supported by the Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives (SIRI) Unit in ORS:

  • SSHRC Partnership Grant Letters of Intent
  • SSHRC Partnership Grant Full Application
  • Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation – Innovation Fund
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation – John R. Evans Leaders Fund

Guidelines: If you plan to apply for one of these opportunities and would like to request direct cash and/or in-kind support from the Office of the Dean to be included in your application, you are encouraged to be in touch with the LA&PS Research Manager or your Research Officer as early as possible in the application process.

Some of the potential institutional supports that require Decanal approval or endorsement include*:

  • Course releases that are granted outside of the Faculty Research Release Program
  • New space allocations and/or renovations to existing space
  • IT Support
  • Designated staff support for project activities
  • Institutional support for graduate student trainees who will be hired to work on the project

Ideally, your first contact with our office should be at least 20 business days prior to any internal ORS deadline for application review.    In the case of SIRI supported applications, this means that requests for Faculty support should be made 20 business days prior to the internal Institutional Review deadline.

Consulting with the Research Unit early will ensure that there is ample time to review requests and put together competitive packages of support for your application.

*Note: Some of the LA&PS internal funding opportunities can also be leveraged for institutional and large-scale grant applications. Consulting early with the Research Unit will ensure that these opportunities can be utilized to best effect for your application, as appropriate.