Guidelines for securing institutional signatures and approvals

Purpose: To help LA&PS faculty members ensure that adequate time is set aside for securing signatures and institutional approvals on grant applications, award nominations and research contracts.

Notes on Office of Research Services (ORS) Checklists & ORS Signature Policy

  • Completed ORS Checklists are mandatory for all external grants, awards and research contracts that are administered through York University.
  • ORS has a strict 48 hour (two working days) signature policy for all grant applications, award nominations, and contract proposals.

Guidelines: To secure the required signature of the Associate Dean Graduate Studies & Research on your ORS checklist, you should provide your Research Officer with the completed ORS Checklist (signed by you and your Chair), along with supporting documentation outlining relevant institutional contributions and a copy of the application at least four business days before the external application deadline.

Your Research Officer will review your documents to ensure everything is complete, alert you to any necessary changes, and secure the final ORS Checklist signature on your behalf. If you are not sure who your Research Officer is, please refer to the Contact Research page.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your application materials are ready for institutional signature and approval in time to meet ORS’s 48 hour signature policy.