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eServices Office

eLearning – Making it work for you!

Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace with fully-online and blended courses. You can learn from the convenience of your home or office anywhere in the world. eLearning courses use the same textbooks and materials and cover the same course content as in-class sections. These courses count towards your degree or certificate program in exactly the same way as in-class courses. Students enrolled in eLearning courses will be expected to complete assignments by specific due dates and write supervised formal on campus examinations in person. You can alleviate your on-campus schedule by mixing your in-class courses with fully online and blended courses. You can also take courses to complete a program entirely online.

Blended courses combine the best of both worlds and are a reflection of the technology era we live in. These courses are considered partial eLearning as approximately 20-80 percent of the course is conducted online and classroom visits are reduced. The course instructor will inform you of the mandatory on-campus class schedule and the online component at the beginning of the term.

eServices Office eLearning
eServices Office eLearning

Student Requirements


Students have the opportunity to enrol in various disciplines offered via fully online and blended formats. Choose from a variety of courses to suit your degree needs — while creating a flexible schedule that works for you. Students will find a variety of fully-online (ONLN) and blended (BLEN) courses offered each session, and a comprehensive set of steps toward achieving your eLearning goals.

Subjects include:
Administrative Studies, Cultural Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, English, Health Studies, Humanities, Human Resource Management, Human Rights & Equity Studies, Geography, Kinesiology, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Social Science, Social Work and Women’s Studies.

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To apply to a degree or certificate program, or as a visiting student, you may refer to the York University Admissions website where you will find detailed admissions information and online application procedures. Once you are admitted, you may enrol for courses by using the Registration and Enrolment Module. The York University course timetable and enrolment guide are also available on this website.