The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies is committed to offering its students global experiences where they grow and learn about the world.

The International Study Abroad Award for LA&PS is for students in this Faculty who require financial assistance to study or participate in international activities abroad as part of their academic program.

  • Upon return, students are expected to share their experiences with their peers by attending a study abroad session/event.
  • One grant per academic year and up to a maximum of two grants per student are awarded. One award is associated with a student exchange program.
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  • LA&PS degree-seeking undergraduate student (domestic or international)
  • Students whose home Faculty is the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 5.00 (C+)
  • Graduate students should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies for information on funding opportunities

Approved for one of the following Study Abroad options;

  • Academic Exchanges (one or two terms) with one of York University's official partner universities
  • York International Global Internships
  • YorkU Abroad courses (attach a letter of confirmation from YorkU Abroad Office)
  • An experiential field trip abroad in an LA&PS course (attach a letter of confirmation from your professor)
  • Letter of Permission (LOP) in either one or two courses or one term up to a full year with an internationally accredited academic institution (submit copy of approved LOP form signed by department)
  • Practicum abroad (attach letter from practicum coordinator)
  • International conference presentation outside Canada
    ◦ Submit a copy of your presentation abstract
    ◦ Attach email or letter of official abstract acceptance from conference organizers
    ◦ Attach email confirmation from professor acknowledging the student’s presenter/ presentation


Anytime; students should apply at least four (4) weeks prior to their official date of departure or start date of the activity.  Please note that awards are intended to provide support to eligible undergraduate students for their upcoming global and community engagement study.  Retroactive applications will not be considered.

Additional Funding Sources

Suggested Additional Sources for Funding:

  • Personal income and savings to cover costs.
  • Any external award/scholarship from another organization (Do a Google search or check the website of the Government of Canada or of the country you will be visiting for potential sources of funding).
  • York University's Student Financial Services may offer scholarships, awards and bursaries.
  • York International's Mobility Award (YIMA).

External Awards:

  • Government of Canada
    Explore international scholarship opportunities for the best and brightest Canadian students and researchers to study and conduct research abroad.  Explore the Government of Canada's database by country and destination to find scholarships, fellowships or funding opportunities made available by Global Affairs Canada and other Canadian federal government departments. For more information, please click here.
  • Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program
    Global Affairs Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Education are offering short-term scholarships to Canadians wishing to study abroad in China.  Scholarships are awarded for studies, research, language studies or a combination of studies and language studies.  For more information, including deadlines and eligibility, please visit click here.
  • Mitacs Globalink Research Award
    The Mitacs Globalink Research Award supports research collaborations between Canada and select partner countries (Brazil; China; France; India; Korea; Mexico; Tunisia).  The award is open to graduate students.  Select destinations are also open to senior undergraduates.  Funding and eligible disciplines vary by destination.  For more information, please click here.
  • German Academic Exchange Service, North America
    The German Academic Exchange Service, North America (in German, DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) are scholarships and grants awarded to Canadian scholars interested in pursuing mobility to Germany. For more information, please click here.
  • Government of Mexico Scholarship Program
    On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) invites foreign citizens who are interested in studying for a specialization, master's degree or doctorate, conducting graduate or postdoctoral research, or taking part in an undergraduate or graduate-level academic mobility program, to participate in the Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students.  For more information, please click here.