Year in Research: 2018

2018 was an exciting and productive year for the LA&PS research community!

Our faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students have been recognized for research excellence with many prestigious local, national and international awards, honours, prizes and grants. Likewise, faculty members across all areas of LA&PS are undertaking a range of cutting-edge individual and collaborative research projects that are having wide-ranging national and international impact both within and outside of the academy. This vital work enriches the research training environment for our graduate and undergraduate students alike.

This past year also saw the launch of the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence, where undergraduate students gained invaluable research experience under the mentorship of LA&PS professors working on a diverse array of exciting research projects in wide-ranging areas – from criminology, law, urban studies, social sciences, labour studies, political science, and information technology studies to history, indigenous studies, economics, migration studies, social work and human resources management. 

Visit our Year in Research: 2018 gallery to learn more about the diversity and range of exciting work being done in the Faculty.