1. Are international students eligible to submit an application to the Program?

Yes, they are, as long as they meet the other Program criteria.

2. Does DARE take place over the entire summer term?

The period of the DARE program runs from May 1-August 31, 2019.  However, it will be up to each DARE student and supervisor to agree in advance upon the project activities and timelines.

It is understood that students may have employment obligations during the summer, coinciding with the DARE program.

3. How are DARE applications adjudicated?

There are 5 adjudication criteria. For more details, see “Application Evaluation and Selection Process” on the Program Page.

4. How many DARE students can each supervisor work with in Summer 2019?

Supervisors can supervise only one DARE awardee over the summer.

5. What are the expectations of DARE awardees?

DARE student awardees are expected to complete assigned duties as per the supervisor’s direction. If unable to follow-through on the agreed-up hours, they should speak to the supervisor as soon as possible to come up with a revised schedule.

If they must withdraw from the program, they should inform the supervisor as soon as possible.

Submit a reflection document to the Dean’s Office at the end of the award period.

Participate in the annual DARE Poster Session and Celebration (date TBD).

6. What are the expectations of DARE supervisors?

They must ensure that the project has received university research ethics clearance as required. They must also communicate expectations to the student and meet with the student as needed to discuss the assigned work and progress. They must also ensure proper Health and Safety training is provided to the student as necessary as well as providing support for the student’s poster presentation process (*LA&PS Dean’s Office will cover the poster materials cost)