Research Project Postings 2019 - Dean's Award for Research Excellence

The DARE program launches in January of each calendar year.

Examples of past projects from Round 2 of the DARE competition (2019) are provided below.

Project Title Faculty Member
(sorted by last name)
The Toronto Public Library as a Site of Care and Maintenance in the Smart City Teresa V.A. Abbruzzese Department of Social Science
Forced Marriage, NGOS and Reparations Post-Conflict in Africa Anna Agathangelou Department of Politics
Disasters and their impact in Canada – a smart approach to build capacity Nirupama Agrawal School of Administrative Studies
Climate Change and Oil Spill Remediation on Hudson Bay Richard Bello Department of Geography
Changing the Narrative: Connecting Indigenous and Settler Histories at Black Creek Pioneer Village Jennifer Bonnell Department of History
Reemployment and mental health: Understanding the individual resource factors that support a prolonged job search Marie-Helene Budworth School of Human Resource Management
Relationships Between MONUSCO Peacekeepers and Local Congolese Communities Annie Bunting Department of Social Science
Experimental Analysis of the Curse of Dimensionality Stephen Chen School of Information Technology
Mass Capture: Chinese Head Tax and the Making of Non-Citizens in Canada Lily Cho Department of English
Researching Children’s Literature and Special Collections Cheryl Cowdy Department of Humanities
Reconstructing the Demography of Moçâmedes, Angola, 1844-1869 Jose C. Curto Department of History
Space Now and Next: Essential Knowledge for Citizens of the Solar System Kathryn Denning Department of Anthropology
Making Sense of Capitalist Feminism: An Analysis and Critique Julie Dowsett School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Reality check: Does morphological mapping reflect real world ecology? Taly Drezner Department of Geography
Phonetic and Phonological Documentation of the Kwak'wala Language Emily Elfner Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Human rights, global health & East Africa Denielle Elliott Department of Social Science
Application of predictive analytics to problems of integrated hydrology Marina G Erechtchoukova School of Information Technology
Improvising the Law of Copyright in Music: Music Publishers, Composers, and Copyright Litigation in Great Britain from 1777 to 1842 Roger S. Fisher Department of Humanities
The Greek Revolution War pensions and the history of the revolution veterans (1820s-1850) Sakis Gekas Department of History
A Smarter, Smart Neighborhood? Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs and Toronto’s Quayside Bob Hanke Department of Communication Studies
Early Digital Art in Canada: A Retrospective Mark Hayward Department of Communication Studies
The Role and Impact of Legal Information Services on Access to Justice Les Jacobs Department of Social Science
Interviewing Styles and Strategies for Efficient Information Gathering Sotirios Liaskos School of Information Technology
A Study Exploring Crisis Responses and Police Encounters with Psychiatrically "At-risk" Children and Youth Maria Liegghio School of Social Work
Adapting Canadian Work and Workplaces to Respond to Climate Change: Canada in International Perspective Carla Lipsig-Mumme Department of Social Science
Freedom Narratives of the Atlantic Slave Trade Paul E. Lovejoy Department of History
The Pedagogy of Environmental-Based Experiential Education Elizabeth Lunstrum Department of Geography
Disability in the Disaster Context Aaida Mamuji School of Administrative Studies
Mobile Health Interventions for Maternal Health in the Global South. Margaret MacDonald Department of Anthropology
Community/Campus/Indigenous Radio Anne MacLennan Department of Communication Studies
Swinburne, Mary Stuart, and (Victorian) Closet Drama Studies Marilou McKenna Department of English
Alternative Socio-Economic Systems Marcello Musto Department of Sociology
Open Communication for an Open Internet? Understanding ISP Transparency About Network Neutrality Jonathan Obar Department of Communication Studies
Urbanization, gender, and the global south: a transformative knowledge network (GenUrb) Linda Peake Department of Social Science
Cultural Poverty in the Kingdom of Oil: Why Saudi Arabia Wants Yemen Dead Nalini Persram Department of Social Science
Socially Responsible Trade Policy Kelly Pike School of Human Resource Management
The Two Ways of the World: Paradox and Contradiction Brayton Polka Department of Humanities
Second Generation Success and Marginalization: The Impacts of Race, Gender and Place on Employment and Social Mobility Valerie Preston Department of Geography
Building text summarization system for information visualization Enamul Hoque Prince School of Information Technology
Shape stability of features: assessing vertical profiles of UAV imagery Tarmo K. Remmel Department of Geography
The Effect of Robo-Advising on Front Line Investment Advisers and Financial Planners Chris Robinson School of Administrative Studies
Resource Nationalism in Southern Africa: debates, innovations and current challenges Richard Saunders Department of Politics
Refugee Advocacy under Harper Dagmar Soennecken School of Public Policy & Administration
Refugee Resettlement and Advocacy in Rural Italy Antonio Sorge Department of Anthropology
Political Economy of Plastic Packaging, Environment and Health Issues in Two Sub-Saharan African Urban Spaces: Accra, Ghana and Kigali, Rwanda Jeffrey Squire Department of Social Science
Expressive Cultures of the African Diaspora David V. Trotman Department of History
Black Looks: Vestimentary Performance and the Female Racialized Body Gail Vanstone Department of Humanities
Canada Labour Code Data Analysis Infrastructure (CLC-DAI) Leah F. Vosko Department of Politics
Culture, Art and Values: Canada in a Global Context Sandra Whitworth Department of Politics
The Toronto Charter Project Patricia Wood Department of Geography
Terrain and Snowmelt Mapping, Western Sector of Polar Bear Pass, Nunavut Kathy L. Young Department of Geography
Managing and Analyzing Urban Big Data Xiaohui Yu School of Information Technology