Research Project Postings 2020 - Dean's Award for Research Excellence

LA&PS students who are interested in applying for a Dean's Award for Research Excellence (DARE) should submit their résumés and expressions of interest (no later than Sat. February 8, 2020 at 4PM) directly to the professors on whose projects they would like to work, using the below list of project postings.  It is recommended that students apply to two to three different projects that are of interest.

Please refer back to the DARE Program website for complete details on the program, application, and adjudication process.

All questions about the DARE Program can be directed to David Cuff, PhD, Director: Strategic Research & Partnerships in LA&PS at

Project Title Faculty Member School/Department
Between Social Infrastructure and Social Innovation: Bidding for Urban Investment in the Smart City Teresa Abbruzzese Department of Social Science
The Pedagogy of Academic Concepts in Multilingual Classroom: Insights from Predictive Brain Theory Andrea C. Valente Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
From the Archive to the Stage: Cultural Production of Biographical Testimonies from the African Diaspora David Trotman Department of History
Assessing Canada’s Women’s Empowerment Programs in Africa Sylvia Bawa Department of Sociology
Managing money when income is volatile and unpredictable Brenda Spotton Visano Department of Economics
Protest in Toronto 1995-2020 Lesley Wood Department of Sociology
Inclusive Disaster Management in Canada Aaida Mamuji School of Administrative Studies
Clickwrap Attack: Understanding Digital Clickwraps and the Online Privacy Threat Jonathan Obar Department of Communication Studies
The Design of Effective Parametric Insurance Products Tsvetanka Karagyozova Department of Economics
Pages of Resistance: Analyzing Muslim African Manuscripts in the aftermath of the Malê slave uprising (Brazil, 1835) Paul E. Lovejoy Department of History
The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle and MENA George J. Georgopoulos Department of Economics
Visualizing Creative Code Brandee Easter The Writing Department
Is There a Role for Microinsurance in Canada? Tsvetanka Karagyozova; Ida Ferrara Department of Economics
Why Is the Take-up Rate of Microinsurance so Low? Tsvetanka Karagyozova Why Is the Take-up Rate of Microinsurance so Low?
Hastings Park Detention Site Dr. Mona Oikawa Department of Equity Studies
Mining Data from Newspapers: Domestic Service in Twentieth Century Jamaica Michele A. Johnson Department of History
Becoming South Asian: Formation of a community in Canada Tania Das Gupta Department of Equity Studies
Comparative Studies of Digital writing and Feelings Rich Shivener The Writing Department
Exploring robo-advising’s implications for disaster resilience Chris Robinson; Jack Rozdilsky School of Administrative Studies
The Greek Revolution War pensions and the history of the revolution veterans (1830s-1850) Athanasios (Sakis) Gekas Department of History
Application of predictive analytics to problems of integrated hydrology Marina Erechtchoukova School of Information Technology
Marx’s ‘Capital’: A Global History of Translation, Dissemination and Reception Marcello Musto Department of Sociology
Best practices & lessons learned in wildfire evacuation Eric Kennedy School of Administrative Studies
Changing the Narrative: Connecting Indigenous and Settler Histories at Black Creek Pioneer Village Jennifer Bonnell Department of History
Evolution of Cybersecurity Risk Management in the Context of Cloud Computing Jiang He School of Information Technology
War-Affected Youth from DR Congo: Analyzing responses to conflict & strategies of belonging  Annie Bunting Department of Social Science
Second Language Teacher Education and Self-efficacy: How prepared are novice teachers to teach grammar? Antonella Valeo Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Re-Centering the Mediterranean: Refugee Resettlement on the Sicilian Borderland Antonio Sorge Department of Anthropology
Cooperation as an Input in Production Karen Bernhardt-Walther Department of Economics
Video games: the use of the past as entertainment Marcel Martel Department of History
Health Risks of Plastic Packaging in the Food, Water and Beverage industries in the Global South. A Case Example from Ghana Jeffrey Squire Department of Social Science
Remapping interlocking oppression narratives as interlocking economies of morality, capacitiation, affect, epistemology, and animacy Chris Chapman School of Social Work
Green jobs in a ‘rising Africa’ Nathanael Ojong Department of Social Science
Community/Campus/Indigenous Radio Anne F MacLennan Department of Communication Studies
Hispano Canadian Performance and Installation Poetry: Dialogando con el Mundo Maria Figueredo Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Developing a Resilience-based Risk Assessment Matrix Ali Asgary School of Administrative Studies
China’s Urbanization in the Urban Age: A Scenic Approach  Cary Wu Department of Sociology
Visualizing the Modern Ocean Katharine Anderson Department of Humanities
English for Academic Purposes: Charting the Canadian Post-Secondary Landscape James Corcoran Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
A Transnational Geneology of “Laicity” in Québec Amelie Barras Department of Social Science
Terms and Conditions: An assessment of stakeholder-brand agreements in Lesotho Kelly Pike School of Human Resource Management
Urbanization, gender, and the global south: a transformative knowledge network (GenUrb)  Linda Peake Department of Social Science
Canada Labour Code Data Analysis Infrastructure (CLC-DAI) Leah F. Vosko Department of Politics
Investigating the role of questions and examples in classroom discourse Ibtissem Knouzi Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Toys, animals and technological change Jody Berland Department of Humanities
Towards a Large-scale Video Processing System  Xiaohui Yu School of Information Technology
Examining International Students' Experiences in Canada Ethel Tungohan Department of Politics
Analyzing Exploration in Metaheuristics as a Random Walk Stephen Chen School of Information Technology