Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP)

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Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP)

Develop comprehensive knowledge about how to challenge systemic and institutional racism. Ideal for individuals who encounter racism or cultural issues as part of their job or those involved in anti-racism research, education or organizational development.

Department of Equity Studies

302 Atkinson Building
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Certificates Offered

Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP) - Certificate Requirements
An interdisciplinary certificate based in the Department of Equity Studies, CARRP deals with racial issues in the workplace, schools, health care, immigration, law enforcement, media and the expressive arts. Students, who complete CARRP and who are accepted into the Social Work program will be eligible to count up to 12 certificate credits towards the social work degree, provided these courses are passed at minimum grades of B. For required courses in CARRP, refer to Certificate Requirements section. Refer to the Academic Standards section for details of the undergraduate certificate minimum standards.

Course Listing

Course Listings Timetables Fall/Winter 2018-2019