Most LA&PS students are affiliated with either Founders, McLaughlin, Vanier or New College. Colleges are small communities within York where you can meet other students in your program, access academic services and participate in social activities. Comprised of students, professors, a college Master and support staff, colleges organize a number of events throughout the year, including student get-togethers, workshops, contests and trips outside of the University.

Colleges are not only for students who live on campus. Those who commute can equally benefit from the many activities held after class. Every college is also equipped with a comfortable space for students to meet, conduct study groups, prepare for a presentation or simply decompress after a long day of school.

Each of the four colleges affiliated with LA&PS has a College Academic Life Coordinator in charge of promoting student engagement, academic development and transition to university.

Visit your college website for more information.

To determine which college your program is associated with please visit the program affiliations webpage.

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