Dean’s Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Dean’s Ambassador Program

The Dean’s Ambassador Program (DAP) – formally known as the Student Success Ambassador Program (SSAP)- provides students with a unique opportunity to enhance their personal and professional skills while playing a critical role in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) and the University community at large.

The Dean’s Ambassador Program gives current students the chance to serve as representatives of the Faculty and to share their experiences as York students with fellow students, staff, faculty, alumni and the general public. Ambassadors also help to support and facilitate exciting events, activities and other Faculty initiatives. DAP is singularly designed for our students to develop soft skills and compliment in-class learning. 

The Dean’s Ambassador Program Resource Guide, which will be provided to prospective Ambassadors during Orientation, outlines the opportunities available to you, your responsibilities as an Ambassador, and the criteria used to recognize your achievements and completion of the program.

How Does the Ambassador Program Work?

Ambassadors  participate in various events throughout the academic year that  support the goal of personal and professional development.  The events  include Faculty-wide activities, helpful training sessions and workshops.

Ambassadors are required to participate in events to complete the three tiers of the Dean’s Ambassador Program which are as follows:

Tier 3:

In this tier, you are expected to take part in activities that require flexibility, collaboration and critical thinking. This is necessary to ensure you can thrive as a leader, identify issues and suggest alternative ways to achieve goals. You are expected to enrich your soft skills by attending the various workshops and training opportunities offered to our Ambassadors.

Tier 2:

In this tier, you are expected to take part in activities that encourage self-motivation, flexibility, teamwork and problem-solving.  You are required to use the knowledge you’ve gained to communicate clearly, organize events, and work with diverse groups.  As an Ambassador you will gain the skills to recognize, respect and accept different views and perspectives.

Tier 1:

In this tier, you are tasked with taking on leadership roles. Ambassadors will be able to showcase the various skills obtained in Tiers’ 2 and 3. You will be expected to organize events,  problem-solve, and communicate your objectives as an emerging LA&PS student leader.

*The events and criteria for the above-mentioned three tiers vary on the scope and timing of the year.

List of Events – Chart

Ambassadors participate in events that are strategically designed for the purposes of recruitment, conversion, engagement and are dependent on the time of the year:

  • DAP Orientation TBD
  • Fall Campus Day – (Saturday) November 16, 2019
  • Ontario University Fair – (Friday – Sunday) September 27 -29, 2019
  • Spring Open House – (Saturday) March 28. 2020
  • Dean’s Circle of Scholars events - TBD
  • This is not an exhaustive list*

Recognition and Rewards

The Dean’s Ambassador Awards recognize the contribution of our extraordinary Ambassadors:

  • YU Connect Volunteer Hours – Tier 1 completion
  • Certificate of Participation – Tier 2 completion
  • Certificate of Extraordinary Service – Tier 3 completion
  • A Letter of Recommendation from the Faculty Liaison Assistant or from the Associate Dean of Students (Top Ambassador(s))
  • Best in Class
  • Dean’s Ambassador of the Year

If you're a team player with a positive attitude, then join the Ambassador Program!

What does it take to be an Ambassador? 

We are looking for enthusiastic students with a minimum cumulative 5.0 GPA and 24 or more credits. Good public speaking skills, being dedicated and reliable are also important. Students must also complete Ambassador Program requirements and orientation. 

Ready to Apply?

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Important Dates

  • The Application Deadline is:  July 31th, 2019.

For more information about the Ambassador Program, please contact us at